Video Analysis

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Using the latest technology, Apex is able to provide teams and individuals with technical and tactical analysis.
Apex Soccer is now offering a new coaching tool that we have found to be very beneficial for player development.  Rather than players being told over and over what they can do to improve their technique, we allow players to physically see themselves in motion using the latest in Dartfish video analysis software.  Each player will undergo certain movements on camera that we feel are most important and specific to the game of soccer.  The player will then have access to his or her video analysis and coaching points via our server at any time.

Protocol Camera Shots:
Field Player:
– Striking Ground Balls- Inside/Outside/Laces
– Passing & Receiving- Inside/Outside/Laces
– Receiving Aerial Balls
– Heading
– Volleys and Half volleys
– Juggling
– Running Technique (sprint from dead stop) / Side and Front Angle
– Running Technique (full speed from the fly) / Side and Front Angles

– Basic Set Position (Basic Handling)
– Catching High Balls
– Scoop
– Diving
– Punching
– 1v1 breakaway
– Running Technique / Lateral Side Shuttle

Cost: $100 Register Here
After registering an appointment will be booked for the next available date. Also Look for our weekend video analysis special camps in January and June.