Futsal Rules and Regulations

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All registered tournament teams are guaranteed 4 games, either in full league format or league and playoff style.
A single game length is one period of 25 minutes, with no timeouts or breaks in play.
The Tournament will run approximately 3-4 hours.
A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper.
Roster Size 6-8 Players.

The number of substitutions that may be made during a match is unlimited. Substitutions can be made at any stoppage, at any point in the game.
All players are required to have the same color jerseys, soccer socks, shin guards, and appropriate footwear.
The referee will be the official timekeeper of every game. They will also ensure the laws of the game and will act to keep the playing conditions safe to all players.
All referee decisions are final.

A few rules that are different to the regular game; Kick-ins versus throw-ins, Goalkeeper throwing only distribution, No slide tackles, No offside, 1 back pass to goalkeeper in a complete passage of possession.

A maximum of +/- 5 goals will be recorded per game. For example, final score Team A 10 vs 3 Team B, Team A will receive only +5 for their goal difference and Team B will receive -5 towards their goal difference, even though there was a 7 goal difference. 

Indoor shoes or sneakers required as futsal is played on a hard gym surface.