High School Preview Program

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Apex Soccer will enhance player experience through our high school preview program.

This spring break program was designed specifically for dedicated and potential high school players to preview what a program will be like, ages 10-15, to also help improve and enhance their skills, within the four components of the game; technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial.
We take pride in developing players at this age to give them a preview for their high school programs. An educated mix balance between technical/tactical sessions, soccer specific fitness, and game related activities is crucial to a well-organized high school programs. This training will allow coaches and players to have an understanding of areas of strength and weakness.
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Program details:
– Spring Break Week – April 13th – 16th.
– Monday – Thursday.
– 10am – Noon.
– Cost: $175 per player.

Proposed schedule:
Warm Up – Soccer Specific Fitness
Soccer Related – Technical Components
Game Play – Tactical Elements
Cool Down/Close/Recap

Essential high school technical and tactical areas of concerns:
Technical Tactical
– Back foot control.
– Passing to Possess.
– Aerial control.
– When to pass, when to dribble.
– Short and long range passing.
– Playing out of the back.
– Attacking and Defending.
– Transition.