Soccer Specific Testing Performance Combine

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Apex Soccer Ultimate Performance will be opening its doors this spring break to all athletes in the area that wish to have their physical ability tested using the latest in laser gate technology. This invitation extends to athletes of all sports, not just soccer, and testing protocols will replicate the physical tests of professional combines specific to the athlete’s individual sport.
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505 Agility Test
The 505 agility test measures the ability of a player to change direction from speed and accelerate back up to speed. The test is conducted in a small amount of space in an effort to replicate a quick change of direction which is one of the most common types of movement in nearly all sports.

Beep Test
The beep test is an aerobic capacity test that measures the fitness level of an athlete.  The test is conducted over a continued period of time and the athlete will continue shuttle runs as long as he or she can with coordination with a metronome that increases the athletes running speed over time.  

Vertical Jump For Power
The vertical jump for power test is used to determine the maximal jumping ability of a player as well as maximal lower body power production. This test provides a great indicator for a coach to see jumping abilities of each player and also power production which has a direct correlation to acceleration.

Linear Sprint Test (30m)
The linear sprint test measures three aspects of a players straight line speed. The first aspect measures the ability of a player to complete a 30m sprint from a standstill. This measure gives us a good idea of a player’s overall acceleration and top speed combined.