Preparation Process

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College Preparation and Programming

Apex Soccer takes pride in developing Pre Season and Maintenance programs for High School and College programs across the state of Connecticut. Soccer specific testing on the athletes will allow coaches and players to have an understanding of areas of strength and weakness, via baseline recordings. Testing will comprise of speed assessments using the latest laser technology that records times to 1/100th of a second and vertical leaps recorded using pressure sensitive mats.

The latest video analysis software will be on hand to record players in the game and their individual technique all being monitored and assessed by Apex Soccer’s trained staff.

Western Connecticut State University Women’s Soccer is just one program that Apex Soccer partner with. Coach Mingachos spoke about why he chose Apex for such a crucial part of the season ” Apex Soccer’s method of measuring the physical and technical parts our players game and making the information so readily available for the coaches and players is invaluable to us.”

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