Speed & Agility

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As a coach there are three major areas of benefit when it comes to soccer specific speed and agility testing.  The first area is the ability to determine physical characteristics of each player at the most precise level.  Rather than categorizing a player as fast or slow the infrared gates give us an accurate rating of speed/agility.  The second area of benefit is the ability to track progress through retesting.  Using the comparison of data over time a coach can determine what areas of physical training may need to be programmed for continued player development.  Which leads into the third area of benefit, that testing results can influence the way in which a coach makes decisions with his/her team.

Comparison of Players:

  • How do these testing results influence a coach’s decision on playing style, direct (fast players), possessive (slower players), or interchangeable?
  • Influence on position specific characteristics (fast flank players vs slower central players)?
  • Influence on playing time by position?
  • Influence on style of play in different match situations (down a goal late vs sitting in)?
  • Influence on recruiting and decisions during tryouts, what is needed and will fit physically into the team structure?

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